SLP 105 - Speech and Language Development in Children

This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of how speech and language develop in typically developing monolingual and bilingual children, including what roles biology, cognition, behaviors, and culture play in speech and language acquisition. The course will provide an overview of phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics, and semantics of American English and American dialectal variations. Factors that impact language development and second language acquisition will be discussed. Practice will be provided in eliciting and analyzing a speech and language sample. This course is a required course for students majoring in the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program. It is recommended for students majoring in child development, education, or special education. Class Notes: Orientation will be conducted online. Instructor will email instructions to enrolled students one week before the start of the class.
Transferable to CSU Not Cooperative Education Course
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