EDUC 529 - Secondary Methods

Certification course for secondary candidates. This course is a study of materials, methods, and problems of teaching and learning in secondary education. Each candidate, depending upon his/her own discipline will have an individualized schedule of investigative writings on teaching methods and available technology. Principles of the Conceptual Framework of the Teacher Education Program of Centenary College, principles of the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC), attributes of the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching (LECT), and standards of appropriate Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs) are embedded into the objectives of this course as appropriate. This course will include 24 hours of field experience. Each candidate will have the opportunity to teach an extensive two-week long unit, with expectations that improvement will occur over the two-week period. Each candidate will also spend approximately 14 hours in a secondary education class or their discipline.
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