EDUC 525 - Theories of Learning

Master's degree course for elementary and secondary candidates. This course involves a study of modern learning theories, their historical context and the contributions of intellectual figures such as Thorndike, Pavlov,Skinner,Hull, Tolman, Vygoatsky, Bandura, and others. This course will also provide for practical application and exploration of teaching strategies linked to these theories. Alternative certification candidates will learn to provide meaningful educational experiences for elementary and secondary learners of multiple intelligences, learning styles, and diverse cultures. Through the use of internet and available software and downloads from the internet, candidates will examine their own intelligences and learning styles, as influenced by their own culture, to better understand that of the students they will teach. Principles of the Conceptual Framework of the Teacher Education Program of Centenary College and principles of the Interstate Education Program of Centenary College and principles of the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) are embedded into the objectives of this course as appropriate. Upon completion of the course: candidates will be informed about theoretical learning priniples, concepts, and research findings; and be able to apply concepts and principles in settings where teaching and learning occur. The form of the course is lecture, class discussion, group work and critiques of selected readings. Candidates will be evaluated through level and quality of participation in class discussions, their analyses of case studies, and their level and quallity of application of learned principles in simulated settings.
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