EDUC 522 - Classroom Management

Certification course for elementary and secondary candidates. This course is designed to present to the elementary and secondary alternative certification candidate practical methods for creating positive learning environments in their own area and at their own level of certification with attention to multicultural differences and similarities, special needs students, and regular education students. Real-life examples are provided to help alternative certification candidates understand and apply principles of classroom management in their own current or future classrooms. The candidates will focus on cas studies, examples, and descriptions of specific strategies based on solid research and classroom experience in their own area and at their olwn level of certification. The alternative certification candidate will learn to create positive learning environments in their own area and at their own level of certification, and to use extensive practical materials for problem solving and building individual behavior change plans for students with behavioral problems. Principles of the Conceptual Framework of the Graduate Program of Centenary College, principles of the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC), attributes of the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching (LCET), and standards of appropriate Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs) are embedded into the objectives of this course as appropriate. This course includes 15 hours of field experience. Candidates will be required to observe classroom management (10 hours) in other teacher's classrooms, and to document and reflect upon what they observed with special emphasis on suggestions of specific strategies learned in this course. Candidates will be required to provide three extensive plans of action based on three different fictitious classroom situations. Finally, candidates will be required to spend one hour each day for one week (5 hours) in a classroom setting, in their own area of certification; they will be expected to develop a plan of action, for their own area of certification, and execute it, with reflections provided after the sessions.
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