EDUC 512 - Elem Math & Science Methods

Certification course for elementary candidates. This course is designed as a study of innovations, trends, research, and implementation related to elementary school math and science instruction. Candidates will be required to employ the learned strategies in the classroom. Upon completion of this course, the alternative certification candidate will have: 1) developed an understanding of the elementary school math and science curricula 2) demonstrated appropriate instructional strategies in the areas of math and science, 3) critiqued and evaluated available technological resources for teaching math and science, 4) incorporated assessment into math and science instruction using evidence from a variety of assessment formats and contexts for determining effectiveness of instruction, and 5) reviewed current research related to curricula and instruction in elementary school math and science. A final project based on current mathematics and science curriculum and instruction will be completed. The special needs of exceptional children and children from cultures other than the dominant one as they learn concepts about math and science will be addressed. Principles of the Conceptual Framework of the Teacher Education Program of Centenary College, principles of the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC), attributes of the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching (LCET), and standards of the Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI) are embedded into the objectives of this course as appropriate. This course will include 18 hours of field experiences. Spring.
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