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SPAN 111
Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 112
Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 123
Basic Spanish Review
SPAN 125
Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 126
Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 128
Intensive Interm Span I
SPAN 190
Lang for Heritage Spkrs of Spn
SPAN 191
Lang Hertge Sprks of Span II
SPAN 225
Intermediate Spanish III
SPAN 226
Intermediate Spanish IV
SPAN 290
Hispanic Cltre-Hrtge Spkrs I
SPAN 291
Hispanic Cltre-Hrtge Spkrs II
SPAN 300
Literary Analysis
SPAN 304
Intro to Spanish Literature I
SPAN 305
Intro to Spanish Literature II
SPAN 315
Spanish Civilization
SPAN 316
Latin American Civilization
SPAN 335
Adv Span for Oral Expression
SPAN 336
Advanced Spanish Composition
SPAN 375
Intro to Spanish Amer Lit I
SPAN 376
Intro Spanish American Lit II
SPAN 515
Colonial Spanish-Amer Lit
SPAN 525
Contemporary Span-Amer Poetry
SPAN 526
Spanish American Short Story
SPAN 530
Contemporary Spanish Novel
SPAN 545
The Spanish-American Essay
SPAN 560
Structure of Spanish Language
SPAN 571
Generation of '98
SPAN 576
SPAN 588
Topics Contemp Span-Spk World
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