IAS 10000 - Lit-Art & Hum Exp 1

Writing for Interdisciplinary Studies I and II are humanities-based writingcourses. Reading includes a wide range of essays, each proposing a groundbreaking theory pertinent to a particular discipline. These essays will bematched with short fiction and shorter essays providing a social context forthe theories proposed by writers such as Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Dr. Martin Luther King, Carl Jung, Alice Walker and Virginia Woolf, Thomas Kuhn,Charles Darwin and others. In response to these combinations, text-basedstudent essays of at least 750 words will pair interdisciplinary theory with asocial context. These courses emphasize critical reading, thinking, and writingskills as well as various rhetorical approaches to the composition of theacademic essay. Requirement Designation: Required Core - English Composition.
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