EE 32300 - Electrical Engineering Laboratory III

Experiments and design problems on material drawn from the electrical engineering curriculum. (ENGR 20400, EE 2100, EE 24100, EE34200). Test and measurement instruments, Virtual instruments and computer instrumentation, Electric and electronic circuits. Transient and frequency response, Logic circuits, Discrete circuits, Operational amplifiers. Class Notes: Students must purchase the following prior to the first day of class:$8.00 - EE323 Manual (EE323M)$25.00- EE323 Component Kit (EE323K)The Basic Kit you used in EE221 will also be used for the EE323 laboratory.If you don't have a basic kit from EE221 you will need to buy one- $90.00- Basic Kit (Basic Kit)You pay for the items you need at the Bursars office in the administration building. The cashier will give you a receipt that you will present to the EE technicians in Steinman Hall ST647.The EE technicians will generally be available in ST647 between 9:00 am and 4:45 pm to give you your items. Enrollment Requirements: ENGR students only PRE - EE 32200 AND PRE - EE 34200.
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