MATH 99 - Intermediate Algebra with Geometry

Algebraic operations involving rational exponents, including scientific notation. Algebraic expressions, including radical and rational expressions. Solutions of quadratic, quadratic in form, rational, radical, and absolute value equations. Solutions of compound linear inequalities. Solutions and manipulations of literal equations of literal equations. Graphical and algebraic solutions of systems of linear equations in two and three variables; graphical solutions to systems of linear inequalities. Graphs of linear and quadratic equations. Geometry topics: perimeter, are of geometric figures, triangles, rectangles, and circles; volume of sphere, cylinder and pyramid. Pythagorean Theorem and distance formula. Similarity and proportions. Applications of problem-solving skills are emphasized throughout the course. Students should be exposed to graphing calculator technology and/or computer algebra systems. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course. Enrollment Requirements: Completion of Math 98 with a C or better, or completion of FS Math 3003/3004 with grade of S, or ALEKS score of 30+, or COMPASS ALGEBRA 24+, or Consent of dept.
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