MATH 204-1 - Calculus For Business & Social Sciences

For students of business and social science. Introduction to differential and integral calculus with applications pertinent to business and social science. The five-credit hour course will include functions of several variables, partial derivatives, maximum, minimum of functions of several variables and LaGrange multipliers. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, the course. Class Notes: This course is offered online through Online Learning at Harold Washington College. Students enrolled in online courses must be verified residents of Illinois prior to the first day of the semester or risk being dropped from their online courses. You can access your online course by logging into Blackboard at using your ccc username and password. Classes will be available in Blackboard the first day of the semester It is strongly recommended that students attend an Online Learning new student orientation at Students can purchase all course material through the CCC online bookstore at Should you have further questions or concerns, please visit this site: There are two on-campus proctored exams required for this course. Enrollment Requirements: Completion of Math 140 with a C or better, or ALEKS math score of 61+, or COMPASS ALGEBRA 43+ AND College ALGEBRA 51+ AND TRIGONOMETRY 1-50, or ACT Math 24+, or SAT Math 560+ if before 3/1/16 (580+ if after 3/1/16) or Consent of department.
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