LIT 129 - U.S. Latino (a) Literature

This course explores the trends and movements of various periods of U.S. Latino(a) literature in relation to U.S. Latino(a) social and cultural history. As part of the literature of the United States, these works are distinct from, although sometimes influenced by, Latin American literature, which is written in Spanish or Portuguese by authors native to Latin American and Caribbean countries. The U.S. Latino(a) texts in this course -- poetry, fiction, drama, memoir, and chronicle -- depict various issues and themes pertinent to this ethnic segment of the United States, including Latino(a) writers' stylistic and thematic contributions to American mainstream literature. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course. Enrollment Requirements: Eligibility for English 101 based on prior coursework or CCCRTW, COMPASS, ACT, or SAT test scores, or Consent of Department Chairperson. Requirement Designation: Class meets Human Diversity requirements.
Humanities Daley IAI Gen Ed
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