HISTORY 113 - United States Labor History

Labor movements development in the United States; worker issues such as wages, hours, working conditions are analyzed within their historical context; labor legislation, collective bargaining, social insurance, government intervention and prospects for organized labor are examined in their historical setting. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course. Class Notes: This course is offered online through Online Learning at Harold Washington College. Students enrolled in online courses must be verified residents of Illinois residents prior to the first day of the session or risk being dropped from their online courses. Students must set up their my.ccc.edu account and log into BlackBoard two separate days during the first week in order to prevent dropped enrollment, classes will be available the first day of the session. All students are required to take a minimum of one proctored quiz or exam. It is strongly recommended that students attend an Online Learning orientation, dates and times are located at onlinelearning.ccc.edu. Students must purchase books through the CCC online bookstore at www.ccc.textbookx.com. Should you have further questions or concerns, please call Online Learning at onlinelearning@ccc.edu or 312-553-5923. Enrollment Requirements: Eligibility for English 101 based on prior coursework or CCCRTW, COMPASS, ACT, or SAT test scores, or Consent of Department Chairperson.
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