ENGLISH 96 - Aligned Reading and Composition

ARC is an integrated reading and writing course designed to increase students’ critical thinking, reading, and writing abilities and to promote their academic literacy for long-term success. To meet these ends, this course provides a structured, rigorous learning environment that nurtures student engagement through a shared, sustained classroom experience, and it fosters collaboration in a curriculum that respects students’ individuality and humanity and that prepares them to meet college-level expectations. It also encourages students to invest in a network of support services and resources to enhance long-term academic and professional success. There will be extensive reading and analysis of college-level texts, frequent essay-writing, relevant discussion, and collaborative work. The course immediately precedes the General Education Communication sequence of English 101 and 102. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course. Enrollment Requirements: Successful completion of FS Levels (FS READ 1005 or FS WRITE 2002 or FS WRITE 2003) or Grade of C or better in English 98 or Reading 99, or placement exam score of CCC RTW score of 2 or higher, or consent of Department Chairperson.
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