CHLDDV 259-1 - Practicum In Pre-School

In this capstone course, students spend a minimum of 250 student teaching hours in an early childhood program under the direct mentorship of an on-site supervisor, field supervision by the course instructor, and weekly 2-hour seminar discussions with classmates. Students are expected to apply what they have learned in all previous CD courses including: engaging in positive interactions with young children, planning developmentally appropriate activities, and using appropriate assessment techniques. Students will uphold professional and ethical guidelines. Students will design and revise a Child Development Portfolio compiled of artifacts from their previous coursework and other professional experiences. An emphasis is placed on the NAEYC Standards for Professional Preparation. 250 student teaching hours with on-site supervision in an early childhood education setting are required for this course. Writing assignments and oral presentations, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course. Enrollment Requirements: Grade of C or better in CHLD DV 101,107,109,120,143,149,201,.258 AND 262. To register for this course, all students must have Consent of Department Chairperson.
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