CHLDDV 201 - Observation, Assessment, & Documentation to Support Young Children & Families

This course provides an examination of developmentally appropriate techniques for observing, documenting, and assessing the development of young children in order to inform curriculum planning and promote positive guidance strategies. The course emphasizes a strengths-based approach to assessment that includes building partnerships with families and professional colleagues. Self-reflection is a major component of the course as well as the examination of bias in the observation and assessment of young children from diverse backgrounds. 15 hours observing young children in an early childhood education setting are required for the course. Writing assignments and oral presentations as appropriate to the discipline are part of the course. Class Notes: This section is a hybrid course--50% classroom & 50% on-line. This class will meet on Tuesdays only for discussion and lecture; online assignments will be required outside of the class meeting day. Please contact Prof. Joy Terrell-Hearns at for more information. Enrollment Requirements: Grade of C or better in CHLD DV 101, 107,120, and 149 OR Consent of Department Chairperson. Grade of C or better or Concurrent enrollment in CHLD DV 109, 143 OR CHLD DV 262 is recommended.
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