CHLDDV 109 - Language & Literacy Development in Early Childhood

This course explores the developmental process of language and literacy development from birth to age eight. In addition, the course explores the relationship between language, literacy, and all other domains of development. Planning for a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that support language and literacy development are explored, as well as an examination of the role the environment plays and how to design a language and literacy-rich environment for young children. Bilingualism, multiculturalism, and the role of culture in language and literacy development and early childhood education are explored. Eight hours observing young children in an early childhood education setting are required for this course. Writing assignments and oral presentations as appropriate to the discipline are part of the course. Enrollment Requirements: Grade of C or better in CHLD DV 101 or 101-1 and CHLD DV 120 or Consent of Department Chairperson.
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