ABEGED 184-2 - Beginning ABE Math

The Beginning Basic Education Mathematics course emphasizes understanding base-ten notation )place value for whole numbers to 1000), developing fluency in addition and subtraction (to 3 digits), understanding and exploring strategies for multiplication and division (within 100), and a foundational understanding of fractions. These skills will prepare students for work with rational numbers, ratios, rates, and proportions in subsequent levels. A critical area of focus is on gaining a foundational understanding of fractions and preparing the way for work with rational numbers. In the areas of measurement and geometry, using standard units of measure and developing understanding of the structure of rectangular arrays and areas are priorities, as well as analyzing two-dimensional shapes as a foundation for understanding area, volume, congruence, similarity and symmetry,. Enrollment Requirements: TABE test scores from grade level 2.0-3.9.
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