340MFGT 112-1 - Machining Processes II

This course is an introduction to machine tools and metal-cutting processes used in manufacturing. Students complete projects that require precision layout, set up, machining, and inspection. These projects require students to perform various operations on vertical milling machines, power saws and surface grinders. Students also have the opportunity to earn one or more NIMS Level 1 machining credentials including "Measurement, Materials and Safety," or "Job Planning, Benchwork, and Layout." Students with machine shop experience may attempt to earn NIMS Machining Level 1 in "Milling," or "Drill Press," or "Surface Grinding." Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of the course. Enrollment Requirements: Eligibility for Reading 099 by COMPASS Reading (50-64), or Consent of Department Chairperson.
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