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340MFGT 104
Statistical Process Control
340MFGT 111-1
Machining Processes I
340MFGT 112-1
Machining Processes II
340MFGT 123
CNC Milling Operations & Programming
340MFGT 137
CNC Turning Operations & Programming
340MFGT 138
Intro to Solidworks
340MFGT 139
Print Requirements-Quality Assurance
340MFGT 140
CNC Fundamentals
340MFGT 141
Manufacturing Materials & Processes
340MFGT 143
Advanced Metrology
340MFGT 144
Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
340MFGT 145
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
340MFGT 151
Introduction to Welding
340MFGT 152
Intermediate Welding
340MFGT 191
Industrial Electricity
340MFGT 207
Introduction to MASTERCAM
340MFGT 253
340MFGT 255
Industrial Hydraulics
340MFGT 291
Programmable Logic Controllers
340MFGT 292
Principles of Mechanisms
340MFGT 295
Electrical Motor Controls
340MFGT 297
Advanced Mechanical Systems
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