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ITEC 1005
Web Development
ITEC 1100
Introduction to Interactive Media Design
ITEC 1400
Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving
ITEC 5000
Analytical Methods for Information Technology
ITEC 5001
Information Technology Seminars
ITEC 5100
Planning and Design of Computer Networks
ITEC 5101
Cross Layer Design for Wireless Multimedia Networks
ITEC 5102
Designing Secure Networking and Computer Systems
ITEC 5103
Cloud and Datacentre Networking
ITEC 5110
Emerging Network Technologies
ITEC 5111
Multimedia Networking
ITEC 5112
Secure Mobile Networking
ITEC 5113
Network Simulation
ITEC 5114
Networked Applications
ITEC 5200
Entertainment Technologies
ITEC 5201
Computer Animation Technologies
ITEC 5202
Visual Effects Technologies
ITEC 5203
Game Design and Development Technologies
ITEC 5204
Emerging Interaction Techniques
ITEC 5900
Directed Studies
ITEC 5905
Network Technology Project
ITEC 5909
Master's Thesis
ITEC 5920
Selected Topics in Digital Media
ITEC 6200
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research in Digital Media
ITEC 6907
Doctoral Comprehensive
ITEC 6908
Doctoral Proposal
ITEC 6909
Doctoral Thesis in Digital Media
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