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FREN 100
Balloons and Cultures: Graphic Novels of the French Speaking...
FREN 101
Elementary French
FREN 102
Elementary French
FREN 103
Intermediate French
FREN 204
Intermediate French
FREN 206
Contemporary French and Francophone Culture
FREN 208
Paris Program: Contemporary France: Cultures, Politics, Soci...
FREN 210
Coffee and News
FREN 236
Francophone Cinema and the African Experience
FREN 238
Back to the Future: French Classics Reimagined
FREN 239
Banned Books
FREN 241
The Lyric and Other Seductions
FREN 244
Contemporary France and Humor
FREN 245
Francophone Literature of Africa and the Caribbean
FREN 248
Murder and Mayhem: Narratives of Suspense
FREN 254
Paris Program: French Art in Context
FREN 255
Paris Program: Islam in France: Historical Approaches and Cu...
FREN 257
French and Francophone Autofiction
FREN 259
Paris Program: Hybrid Paris
FREN 307
The French Art of Living Well
FREN 308
France and the African Imagination
FREN 309
Expression and Translation: Encounters with Language
FREN 340
Arts of Brevity: Short Fiction
FREN 341
Madame Bovary and Her Avatars
FREN 347
Gender and Sexuality in the Francophone World
FREN 350
Middle East and French Connection
FREN 354
The World Beyond
FREN 357
French and Francophone Autofiction
FREN 359
Paris Program: Hybrid Paris
FREN 360
The Algerian War of Liberation and Its Representations
FREN 395
The Mande of West Africa
FREN 400
Integrative Exercise
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