SPA 346 - Short Study Abroad Language

Short term (summer, usually, or occasionally during January break) study abroad language course run by the Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures faculty. Students with various levels of language skills can be accommodated. Locations include Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, and Spain. Consult with DMLLC faculty for specific information in any given year, including specific course fees. Fulfills DMLLC Study Abroad requirement. Participation must be approved by the chair. Homestays are offered in some countries. Excursions frequently included. Open to all majors, though occasionally some programs will require intermediate or better Spanish language skills --consult with instructor leading the program and/or the chair. Prerequisite: Some Spanish classwork preferred: completion of SPA 215 with grade of C or better, though lower levels of Spanish may also be considered if academically strong and mature student. Offered: occasionally.
Contact instructor ASAP, Additional Travel fee required, International Educational Exp, Travel Required
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