DHS 950 - Evidence-Based Doctoral Portfolio III

This is the third and culminating course for the completion of the degree program and the professional doctoral portfolio process. The underlying focus of the third portfolio course will be the continuation of the portfolio development by aligning life-long learning and continued professional development. The doctoral candidate will evaluate the portfolio course contents, experiences, and artifacts in total. The doctoral candidate will defend their professional doctoral portfolio in front of the collected advisory panel members as well as members of the university community. The candidate will develop a poster suitable for presentation at professional conferences. Students are required to travel to campus to defend the professional doctoral portfolio and present the poster to the university community at large. The candidate will be encouraged to disseminate key aspects of the portfolio into the scientific literature of health science, exercise science, wellness and/or fitness, as well as present the works to various communities, including but not limited to universities, workplace, and professional organizations.
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