ARB 203 - Intermediate Arabic I

Intermediate Arabic I is the continuation of Elementary Arabic II. Prior to this course, students must have basic background knowledge in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) vocabulary and syntax at the elementary level; they should have basic ability to communicate, using simple sentences and have the ability to comprehend simple written and spoken instructions and conversations in basic MSA. In this course, students will acquire additional vocabulary and a greater understanding of more complex grammatical structures. There will be an increased use of Arabic language at this level in instructions and communication. This course will provide the students with a strong foundation at the intermediate level in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. There will be a continued emphasis on the acquisition of more complex grammatical structures, expanding vocabulary and discourse skills, and developing competence in a wide range of communicative situations using all language skills.
Advanced Standing, GE-Ethics/Multi Em-Cat Yr FL13, GE-Humanities-Cat Yr FL13
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