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PCA 232-EN - Seeing the World and the Self

When you look out the window do you see a tree or the rhythmic sway of dark line and bright color? Do you see a field of grass or waves of innumerable greens? This course will encourage you to see the world through the eyes of an artist by focusing on the natural world. To achieve this we will examine a variety of formats including poetry, the personal essay, painting, and photography in relation to key aesthetic concepts such as the sublime, the beautiful, and the picturesque. We will juxtapose contemporary writers and artists with those from earlier periods to demonstrate how the way we see the world is culturally determined. We will complement our readings with trips to nearby museums (IMA), galleries, and the studios of local artists. In addition, we will take advantage of such local natural resources as the grounds of the IMA, the canal walk, and Holcomb Gardens, where you will find the raw material for your own reflection and creative expression. (U)(3). Class Notes: Over the past two decades, critics, publishers, and readers have celebrated the growth of a field of writing known as "creative non-fiction." Among the forms of creative non-fiction, none are more popular than those that allow the writer to tell the story of his or her own experience. Students will read memoirs, personal essays, autobiographies, and travel writing. We will experiment writing in and about each of these forms. This course helps students develop cognitive and affective appreciation for the process and products of artistic creation. Students will participate actively in the creation of an artistic product and reflect on the nature and sources of aesthetic value. This course is designed to develop habits of participation in artistic and cultural events that will lead to lifelong engagement within the creative arts. Enrollment Requirements: New Student Registration - Only new incoming students can enroll April 19th (8 am) through June 21st. Continuing students will regain access the evening of June 21st.
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