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DES 101
Introduction To Design Two Dimensional I
DES 103
Introduction To Design Three Dimensional I
DES 108
Digital Design And Fabrication
DES 114
Workshop In Crafts
DES 190
Design Symposium
DES 220
Ceramics I
DES 230
Introduction To Jewelry Making
DES 242
Fibers I
DES 250
Wood Design I
DES 270
Visual Communication I
DES 271
Lettering And Typography I
DES 277
Computer Graphics I
DES 307
Color Theory
DES 312W
History Of Craft: Industrial Revolution To The Present
DES 314W
History Of Graphic Design: Industrial Revolution To The Pres...
DES 320
Ceramics II
DES 321
Ceramics: Junior Studio
DES 329
Enameling For Jewelry
DES 330
Applied Jewelry Techniques
DES 331
Jewelry: Junior Studio
DES 336
DES 337
Metalsmithing Jr Studio
DES 338
Computer Three-Dimensional Modeling And Rendering
DES 342
Fibers II
DES 344
Fibers: Junior Studio
DES 350
Wood Design II
DES 351
Wood Design: Junior Studio
DES 370
Visual Communications II
DES 374
Advertising Design
DES 377
Computer Graphics II
DES 378
Web Design 1
DES 379
Motion Design
DES 380
DES 382
Digital 3D 1
DES 414
Senior Seminar/Exhibition
DES 421
Ceramics: Senior Studio
DES 431
Senior Jewelry Studio
DES 444
Fibers: Senior Studio
DES 451
Wood Design: Senior Studio
DES 472
Web Design II
DES 473
Graphic Design
DES 488
DES 489
Motion Design 2
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