POLS 4000W - Capstone Senior Seminar

3 hours and independent work and conferences; 4 creditsCapstone seminar for majors in their senior year. Subjects will vary from term to term. The capstone seminar builds on the research analysis and research methods skills developed in prerequisite courses. Each student will write a research paper that incorporates library and empirical or field research. Writing intensive.Prerequisite: Any Political Science course in the 1000-level range, and 3012W or 3014W. Class Notes: +CONFERENCE & INDEPENDENT WORK FOR PERMISSION PLEASE SEE BARBARA HAUGSTATTER IN 3413 JAMES HALL. Enrollment Requirements: ANY POLITICAL SCIENCE COURSE IN THE 1000-LEVEL RANGE, AND ONE OF THE 3000-LEVEL WRITING-INTENSIVE SEMINARS ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE THIS COURSE. Requirement Designation: Regular Liberal Arts.
Writing Intensive
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