POLS 3413 - Islam and Modernity

3 hours; 3 creditsRole of discourse and power in the constitution of identity and politics. Binary relationship between power/knowledge, local/universal, inclusion/exclusion, religion/secular, rational/irrational, Islam/modernity. Political and social theories that deal with modernity, postmodernity, language, gender, race, class, and ethnicity in the formation of identities and practices. This course is the same as Religion 3004 [3].Prerequisite: Core Studies 3 or Core Curriculum 1230, or any Political Science course in the 1000-level range, or Religion 3003 or Religion 3005, or English 1010 or equivalent, or permission of department. Enrollment Requirements: CORE STUDIES 3 OR CORE CURRICULUM 1230, OR ANY POLITICAL SCIENCE COURSE IN THE 1000-LEVEL RANGE, OR RELIGION 3003 OR RELIGION 3005, OR ENGLISH 1010 IS REQUIRED TO TAKE THIS COURSE.
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