POLS 3344 - Genocide and Transitional Justice: The Case of Cambodia

4 hours; 4 credits Three-Week Course (115 hours): Three Weeks (one week of history/concepts and two weeks of hands-on field research) in Cambodia Introduction to the Cambodian genocide. Analysis of the pros and cons of the United Nations-backed Hybrid Tribunal in light of transitional justice efforts in Cambodia. Introduction to interview-based qualitative research design and practical interview techniques. A three-week trip to Cambodia to conduct interviews with survivors, human rights activists, and government officials in Cambodia. Learn field research skills including archival research and interviews, teamwork etc. in a foreign country. This course is open to all Brooklyn College or CUNY graduate and undergraduate students in any major. Prerequisite: none. Class Notes: STUDY ABROAD IN CAMBODIA. Requirement Designation: Regular Liberal Arts.
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