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SOILS 101 - Introductory Soil Science

A study of soil properties and processes and relationships to land use, plant growth, environmental quality, and society. SOILS 101 Introductory Soil Science (3) (GN) This survey and foundational course introduces students to a broad range of subject matter from most sub-disciplines of soil science. We study a range of soil characteristics and seek to understand their relationship to soil function, land use, plant growth, environmental quality, and society/culture. This course introduces students to the variety and complexity of soils on a local, national, and international scale. We identify the physical, chemical, and biological properties and processes of soils and relate these to the way that societies use and abuse soils. Students acquire a working knowledge of the technical terminology of soil science and begin developing observational skills needed to describe and/or locate soil pro perties for specific locations and to interpret those properties for various uses. We learn to recognize and explain various land use and management practices and to select those that are appropriate at a given site. Students also evaluate the impact of land use and management decisions on agricultural productivity and sustainability, environmental and ecological health, and on community relationships. This course is required or on a list from which students select for many environmental and agricultural majors. It is specifically listed as a prerequisite for many other SOILS courses and for several soils-related courses taught at Penn State.
Bachelor of Arts: Natural Sciences Receiving  part of course shared across campuses General Education:  Natural Sciences (GN)
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