COID 597 - Special Topics

597 SPECIAL TOPICS [Required Modifier] (Variable Credit). Instruction on a topic that is not included in the catalog of regular graduate courses; the topic is indicated by the required modifier. Descriptions for these courses are given in the Schedule of Classes published each semester. Either graded or pass/fail. Class Notes: From Zero to Hero in 15 weeks: solving a national security problem for scientists, technologists, innovators and entrepreneurs. Boise State University has been chosen as a Hacking 4 Defense incorporated (H4Di) partner to enable powerful approaches to stimulating science and technology invention, innovation and entrepreneurship on university and college campuses directed towards solving national security problems. H4Di, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, works in partnership with the National Defense Project (H4D-P). Two-hour cohort workshop and mandatory half-hour advisory with a Hacking 4 Defense mentor weekly. Course meets at Venture College 301 S. Capitol Blvd. Downtown Boise. REQ: instructor permission and faculty reocmmendation.
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