iOS Users Not Receiving All Push Notifications

Attention: all iOS users need to update to Coursicle version 1.0.5 or later to fix this issue. Click here to update.

This week we discovered and fixed a very elusive bug that had been affecting some of our iOS users: under very specific circumstances, users would not receive a notification that a class they needed to take had changed to "Open" (has an open seat), but they did receive the subsequent notification, usually minutes later, that the class had changed to "Closed" (has no open seats).

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A MyEdu Alternative

Last September, the popular college schedule planning service MyEdu shut down, leaving their more than 1 million users with no explanation or alternative.

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Email Push Notifications

If you want to get a notification on your phone the instant you get an email, then push notifications are right for you. How you set things up depends on the email account you're looking to get push notifications for.

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