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STDY 0311 - Strategies For College Success

3 lecture hours per week; 48 total contact hours. Credit: 3 semester hours. Not counted toward a degree or certificate. Strategies for College Success is designed for development and improvement of study systems. Emphasis is placed on college-level study skills, the improvement of time management, effective listening and note-taking, marking texts, learning through media, concentration, retention of information and skills needed for taking examinations. Students who are TSI liable in reading and/or writing are strongly encouraged to take STDY 0311 to support their academic success. Students whose TSI scores make them “college ready” in English and Reading should take EDUC 1300 if they want to learn more about effective learning strategies and learning theories. Required Co-requisite: Students who test into READ 0304 must also register for STDY 0311 or take STDY 0311 before enrolling in READ 0304.
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