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MATH 108 - Statistics for General Ed

3 cr. hrs.; 3 lecture hours; 0 lab hours per week. Prerequisites: Appropriate placement score; or MATH 086, 091, or 094 "C" or better Statistics for General Education focuses on statistical reasoning and the solving of problems using real-world data rather than on computational skills. Technology-based computations (such as graphing calculators with a statistical package, spreadsheets, or statistical computing software) are utilized with an emphasis on interpretation and evaluation of statistical results. The course includes data collection processes (observational studies, experimental design, sampling techniques, and bias), quantitative and qualitative data, descriptive methods (frequency distributions, graphs, measures of center, and measures of variation), basic probability theory (sample spaces and probability laws), probability distributions (normal distributions, normal curves, and binomial distributions), confidence intervals, hypothesis tests using P-values, bivariate data, correlation, and simple linear regression. IAI: M1 902.
IL Articulation Math Same #, MATHEMATICS
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