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SPA 101
Introductory Spanish I
SPA 102S
Introductory Spanish II
SPA 120A
Photography in Spain
SPA 201
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 202
Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 203
Intensive Intermediate Spanish I in Guatemala
SPA 204
Intensive Intermediate Spanish II in Guatemala
SPA 208
Spanish for Health Professionals
SPA 290
Ibero-American History
SPA 291
Ibero-American History in Guatemala
SPA 292
Ibero-American History in Spain
SPA 300
Introduction to Hispanic Literature
SPA 301U
Hispanic Cultures
SPA 302U
Hispanic Cultures: Guatemalan Perspectives
SPA 303U
Historic Spain and its Cultures
SPA 305
Readings from Latin America and Spain
SPA 308
Current Issues in Guatemala
SPA 312
Contemporary Literature
SPA 313
Classical Literature
SPA 316
Modern Spain: An Examination of Ethics Spain
SPA 317
Advanced Communication in Spain
SPA 318
Classical Literature in Spain
SPA 322
Advanced Spanish Communication
SPA 323
Advanced Spanish Communication in Guatemala
SPA 327
Marketing and Management in Spain
SPA 481
Internship in Spanish
SPA 482
Directed Study in Spanish: Contemporary Healthcare in Latin...
SPA 499
Senior Seminar
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