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SOC 101
Introduction to Sociology
SOC 240
Socioeconomic & Justice Issues in Market Economies
SOC 242U
Race, Ethnicity, and Peacemaking
SOC 304G
Sociology of Crime and Deviance
SOC 305Z
Intentional Urban Living I
SOC 306Z
Intentional Urban Living II
SOC 315
Social Responsibility in the Marketplace
SOC 324
Criminal Justice in American Society
SOC 326
Restorative Justice
SOC 328
Criminal Law and Procedure in America
SOC 330G
Sociology of Third World Development
SOC 340Z
Principles and Methods of Intercultural Leadership
SOC 350
Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 351
Quantitative Research Methods
SOC 361
Sociocultural Theory
SOC 372G
Religion in Society
SOC 379G
Mission in the 21st Century
SOC 381G
Urbanism: A Way of Life
SOC 385
Cross-Cultural Exp Guatemala
SOC 481
Internship in Sociology
SOC 499
Senior Seminar
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