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COM 110
Basic Communication
COM 135
COM 170A
Media Production I
COM 209
Introduction to Health Communication
COM 210
Perspectives on Human Communication
COM 213
Media Communication
COM 215
Web Design for Mass Media
COM 218
Facilitating Difficult Conversations
COM 220
Group Communication
COM 230L
Introduction to Rhetoric and Public Influence
COM 235
COM 248
Organizational Communication
COM 270
Media Production II
COM 301A
Oral Interpretation
COM 302
Media Law
COM 310K
Communication, Technology and Society
COM 314G
Gender Communication
COM 315G
European Language and Culture Area Study
COM 318
Argumentation and Debate
COM 319
Health Campaigns and Technology
COM 322
Advanced Group Communication
COM 323
Event Management & Leadership
COM 325
Political Communication
COM 335
COM 352
Broadcast Journalism
COM 355Z
Intercultural Communication
COM 361
Rhetorical Criticism
COM 363
Methods of Communication Research
COM 365
Crisis Communication
COM 366
Strategic Social Media in Organizations
COM 370
Interpersonal Communication
COM 373
Digital Filmmaking
COM 374
Broadcast Production
COM 375
Media Criticism and Theory
COM 376
Public Relations Writing and Strategies
COM 386
Advanced Public Speaking
COM 387
Speaking in Ministry Contexts
COM 400
Family Communication
COM 435
COM 460
Topics in Organizational Communication: Organizational Netwo...
COM 462
Topics in Relational Communication: Dating, Mating, and Rela...
COM 481
Internship in Communication
COM 493
Capstone: Independent Filmmaking and Media Production
COM 494
Capstone: Organizational Communication
COM 497
Capstone: Relational Studies
COM 498
Capstone: Rhetoric and Public Influence
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