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BUS 100M
Business Calculus
BUS 105
Information Technology and Applications
BUS 106
Introduction to Business Applications
BUS 130
Business Problem Solving
BUS 208
Business Communication
BUS 210
Financial Accounting
BUS 220
Principles of Marketing
BUS 230
Principles of Management
BUS 231
Human Resource Management
BUS 232
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
BUS 306
Public Administration
BUS 309
Brand Management
BUS 310
Intermediate Accounting I
BUS 311
Intermediate Accounting II
BUS 312Z
Federal Income Taxes
BUS 313
Strategic Managerial Accounting
BUS 315
Sales and Sales Management
BUS 317
Business Analytics
BUS 318G
Global Marketing
BUS 319
Advertising and Promotion
BUS 321
Marketing Research
BUS 324
Consumer Behavior
BUS 325
Business Analysis
BUS 326
Business Information Systems
BUS 327
Marketing and Management in Spain
BUS 329
Student Managed Investment Fund
BUS 330
Compensation Theory and Practice
BUS 331
Staffing, Training and Development
BUS 333
Entrepreneurship Strategies and Tools
BUS 334
Principles of Project Management
BUS 335
Organizational Behavior
BUS 344
Managerial Finance
BUS 352
Financial Valuation
BUS 361
Business Law
BUS 370G
International Business
BUS 390
BUS 410
Advanced Accounting
BUS 414
Auditing Principles and Procedures
BUS 416
Business Forecasting and Data Mining
BUS 417
Business Analysis and Analytics Seminar
BUS 420
Marketing Seminar
BUS 430
Strategic Management
BUS 440
Capital Markets
BUS 470
Finance Seminar
BUS 475
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar
BUS 481
Internship in Business Accounting
BUS 482
Directed Study in Business: Digital Marketing
BUS 493
Seminar Human Resource Management
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