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CMPET 120 - Digital Electronics Laboratory

Laboratory study of digital electronics circuits. CMPET 120 Digital Electronics Laboratory (1) Digital Electronics Laboratory is a one credit laboratory that meets for a single 2-hour session each week. It is normally taken concurrently with CMPET 117. The lab exercises in CMPET 120 expose students to the digital devices that are described in the CMPET 117 lecture course and give them an opportunity to observe and understand their operation in practical terms. The exercises cover basic logic gate functions using AND, OR, NOT, NAND, and NOR devices. Students also investigate the operation of flip-flops, adder circuits, binary counters, shift registers, encoders and decoders, and memory units. Often, students are required to complete a digital design project as part of the CMPET 120 course. Many faculty also require selected labs to be submitted as formal reports. Digital simulation software is also commonly used in this course. . Enrollment Requirements: Concurrent: EET 105, CMPET117.
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