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CMPET 117 - Digital Electronics

Fundamentals of digital circuits, including logic circuits, boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, counters, and registers. CMPET 117 Digital Electronics (3) Digital Electronics covers fundamentals of both combinatorial and sequential digital logic circuits. Basic topics include Boolean algebra, binary codes, Boolean logic simplification and minimization theorems, and Karnaugh maps. Combinatorial and sequential logic topics include the theory and operation of arithmetic circuits, registers, counters, multiplexers, encoders/decoders, all major types of flip-flops, A-D and D-A conversions, counters, and memory systems. The course focuses primarily on small and medium scale devices using TTL logic with some use of MOS devices. Significant emphasis is placed on the use of manufacturers' data books to define device operating characteristics.CMPET 117 is generally taken concurrently with CMPET 120, which is a digital electronics laboratory course. The lab exercise in CMPET 120 are coordinated with the CMPET 117 lecture material. Enrollment Requirements: PreRequisite: Prerequisite and/or concurrent: EET 105.
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