PSYCH 133 - Psychology of Sleep

This course has two primary goals: (1) to provide a basic introduction to the study of sleep and an overview of sleep measurement, regulation, ontogeny, phylogeny, physiology, and psychology; and (2) to provide a basic introduction to sleep disorders including their classification, cause, and treatment. Class Notes: Class Notes Phase I (4/16/2018-7/15/2018): Enrollment is restricted to declared Psychology majors. Non-majors must add themselves to the waitlist.Phase II (7/23/2018-8/12/2018): Enrollment for all students will be on a first-come, first-served basis.Please note about the following enrollment guidelines:1. The “GREEN CIRCLE” does not necessarily mean that seats are available. Please check with a Psychology major advisor or a peer advisor for details.2. The Psychology department does not override time conflicts. If your conflict remains unresolved by the beginning of instruction, you WILL NOT get in the course.3. Enrollment will be closed by the 2nd week of instruction. This means no one can add themselves to the waitlist. 4. The department will process the waitlist starting the 2nd week of instruction. Waitlist processing will be finalized by the 3rd week of instruction.5. ENROLLED students can switch sections using CalCentral if there is space available in the desired section. Under “Class Enrollment” section, go to “5. Class Adjustment” section to select “Options.” NEVER use the “Swap” function.6. WAITLIST students: DO NOT switch sections. If you are still on the waitlist by Week 2 of instructions, you will receive an email for instructions.7. If you were to drop the course, we cannot reinstate your previous enrollment status in the course.Enrollment Questions? detailed enrollment guidelines and course information, please visit
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