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ELHE 2295
Spirituality,Religion&College Student Experience
ELHE 3375
Educational Leadership in Higher Education
ELHE 5570
Capstone: Adulting
ELHE 7101
Higher Education in American Society
ELHE 7102
Read&Res:Ed Admin/Higher Education Administration
ELHE 7103
Education Law and Public Policy
ELHE 7202
Global & Comparative Systems/Higher Educ
ELHE 7301
Organization & Administration/Higher Education I
ELHE 7302
Organizational Decision Making in Higher Educatio
ELHE 7303
Financial Management in Higher Education
ELHE 7401
Student Affairs Administration
ELHE 7402
College Student Exper:Access,Choice&Persistence
ELHE 7403
Counseling Tech in HIED,Comm,&Other Edu Settings
ELHE 7404
College Student Development
ELHE 7405
Assessment in Student Affairs
ELHE 7503
Catholic Higher Education
ELHE 7504
Religion and Higher Education
ELHE 7603
Internationalization of Higher Education
ELHE 7606
Diversity in Higher Education:Race,Class&Gender
ELHE 7607
Seminar in Law and Higher Education
ELHE 7608
Gender Issues in Higher Education
ELHE 7701
Introduction to Educational Leadership and Change
ELHE 7703
Education Law for District Leaders
ELHE 7704
Ethics and Equity in Education
ELHE 7708
Instructional Leadershipn
ELHE 7711
Using Data and Evidence for School Improvements
ELHE 7726
Organizational Theory and Learning
ELHE 7727
Family and Community Engagement
ELHE 7776
Field Experience in International Higher Ed- Joint
ELHE 7777
Thesis Seminar - Joint Supervision
ELHE 7778
Thesis Project - Joint Supervision
ELHE 7801
Regional Perspectives on Higher Education
ELHE 7803
Global Persp on Teaching and Learning in Higher E
ELHE 7805
Global Persp on Student Affairs in Higher Ed
ELHE 7807
Thesis Project
ELHE 7808
Thesis Seminar
ELHE 7900
Internship in Higher Education
ELHE 7901
Field Experience in Higher Education
ELHE 7902
Advanced Field Experience in Higher Education
ELHE 7903
Field Experience in International Higher Educatio
ELHE 7952
Practicum in Principalship
ELHE 8100
Master's/CAES Comprehensive Exam
ELHE 8101
Interim Study:Master's/CAES Students
ELHE 8703
Dissertation in Practice Seminar
ELHE 8704
Dissertation in Practice Direction
ELHE 8806
Lynch Leadership Academy
ELHE 8820
Research Design I
ELHE 8821
Research Design II
ELHE 8823
Research Design III
ELHE 8833
Leadership for Social Justice:District Focus
ELHE 8923
Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality
ELHE 9501
Doctoral Proseminar in K-16 Administration
ELHE 9502
Doctoral Research Seminar in K-16 Administration
ELHE 9901
Doctoral Comprehensives
ELHE 9903
District Level Instructional Leadership
ELHE 9911
Doctoral Continuation
ELHE 9988
Dissertation Direction
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