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ADBI 3010 - Energy in the 21st Century

Oil, gas, and coal have historically provided the foundation of our domestic and global energy needs. It is becoming increasingly apparent that, to attain a sustainable society, we must shift away from these polluting, non-renewable fossil fuel resources. Alternative energy sources are non-polluting and renewable and are therefore logical replacements. Some are confused, however, as to why more progress hasn?t been made towards phasing out fossil fuels and transitioning to alternative energy. This course will delve into the benefits and cons of fossil fuels, as well as the stumbling blocks to implementing the following alternative energy technologies: hydropower, wave power, biomass, solar, geothermal, wind, hydrogen and nuclear energies. Science, technology, policy, and societal concerns will be discussed in a seminar style where students are responsible for researching and presenting each type of energy. We will also discuss the ?smart? use of energy, as well as the storage, transportation, housing, and consumption of energy. Our class will include a discussion of creating potential policies for the expedited phasing in of alternative technologies, including regional, strategic, health, safety, and environmental concerns. Students will leave this course with a depth of understanding of the technological obstacles to alternative energy but also will have a clear understanding of the pressing nature of this transition.
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