RLS 3301 - Theory & Practice of Outdoor Adventure Programs

3301 Theory and Practice of Outdoor Adventure Programs Prerequisite(s): RLS major or upper-level standing. Outdoor Adventure experiences are a desired programming element offered in comprehensive leisure service agencies and may also be the primary or sole focus of an agency. This course is designed to introduce students to the philosophical and theoretical foundations of outdoor adventure programming. The course will also explore the many core competency areas required of outdoor adventure administrators that occur in the field, managerial, educational and leadership realms. Through classroom and field experiences, students will be able to increase knowledge related to the career path for the professional, implications/benefits for the participant and programming considerations of outdoor adventure experiences. Weather and schedule permitting, the course will expose students to a variety of institutional, front country type outdoor adventure experiences including caving, biking, rock climbing, backpacking, camping and rappelling. All equipment furnished except bicycle. Two week-end trips, one Saturday, and three evenings required. (Lab fee required.) Fee: $50
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