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HP 3V79
Seminar in HHPR
HP 4V79
Internship in Human Performance
HP 5V70
Special Topics in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation
HP 5V90
HP 5V94
Practicum in HHPR
HP 5V99
HP 6V70
Directed Research in Kinesiology, Exercise Nutrition and Hea...
HP 6V99
HP 1144
Theory and Practice in Tumbling and Dance
HP 1420
Human Anatomy
HP 1421
Introduction to Human Physiology
HP 2102
Fitness Concepts and Testing Procedures
HP 2304
Advanced First Aid
HP 2306
Anatomical Kinesiology
HP 2307
HP 2309
Medical Conditions and Pharmacology
HP 2341
Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
HP 2420
Exercise Physiology
HP 3136
Innovative Games and Adventure Activities
HP 3141
Therapeutic Exercise Laboratory
HP 3142
Therapeutic Modalities Laboratory
HP 3300
Pedagogy of Team Sports
HP 3301
Pedagogy of Individual Sports
HP 3302
Pedagogy of Dance
HP 3310
Clinical Education III
HP 3311
Essentials of Ethics in Healthcare
HP 3320
Fundamentals of Exercise Biochemistry
HP 3321
Clinical Education IV
HP 3330
Research Methods and Design in Exercise Science
HP 3341
Therapeutic Exercise
HP 3342
Therapeutic Modalities
HP 3343
Administration in Sports Medicine
HP 3346
Elementary School Physical Education
HP 3368
Adapted Human Performance
HP 3381
Fundamentals of Human Performance
HP 3382
Risk Management in HHPR
HP 4301
Choreography and Production
HP 4310
Clinical Education V
HP 4320
Clinical Education VI
HP 4352
Exercise and Sport Nutrition
HP 4354
Techniques of Strength Training and Conditioning
HP 4367
Professional Development in Athletic Training
HP 4368
Motor Learning and Development
HP 4369
Sports Psychology
HP 4370
Successful Coaching
HP 4372
Sociology of Sport
HP 4375
Exercise Prescription in Health and Disease
HP 4393
Facilities and Equipment in HHPR
HP 4396
Religion and Sport
HP 4450
Exercise Testing and Interpretation I
HP 4471
Exercise Testing and Interpretation II
HP 5110
Clinical Education
HP 5199
Non-Thesis Degree Completion
HP 5201
Administrative Topics in Athletic Training
HP 5303
Therapeutic Interventions I
HP 5306
Research Project in Athletic Training
HP 5307
Interdisciplinary Approach to Healthcare
HP 5322
Exercise, Nutrition, and Endocrinology
HP 5324
Muscle Physiology and Metabolism
HP 5328
Physiology of Exercise I: Neuromuscular Aspects
HP 5330
Physiology of Exercise II: Cardiopulmonary Aspects
HP 5333
Exercise Testing and Prescription
HP 5334
Pedagogy & Physical Education
HP 5335
Sport Pedagogy
HP 5340
Biochemistry in Exercise Science
HP 5352
Principles of Exercise and Sport Nutrition
HP 5354
Methods of Strength and Conditioning
HP 5355
Power Speed Agility Quickness Training
HP 5357
Exercise Programming for Individuals with Chronic Diseases a...
HP 5368
Motor Skill Learning and Performance
HP 5379
Research Methods in Health, Human Performance, and Recreatio...
HP 5384
Biomechanics of Human Movement
HP 5397
Christianity, Ethics and Research with Human Participants
HP 5401
Evaluation and Diagnosis in Athletic Training II
HP 5402
Evaluation and Diagnosis in Athletic Training III
HP 5403
Therapeutic Interventions II
HP 6000
Doctoral Research Seminar
HP 6300
Research Methods in Kinesiology, Exercise Nutrition and Heal...
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