PHY 2003 - General Physics I

This course is a quantitative study of the principles and techniques of physics. It is the first half of a one-year survey of physics. The following topics are studied: equilibrium of a rigid body, planar motion of bodies, Newton’s laws, work and energy, conservation principles, elasticity and periodic motion, fluid statics and dynamics, temperature, heat thermodynamics, and mechanical waves. This course is designed for students with an interest in the natural sciences, computers, mathematics, or statistics.Not open to students who have completed PHY 2001 and PHY 2002L, PHY 3004, or PHY 3010. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisites: MTH 2003 or equivalent and departmental permission.Not open to students who have completed PHY 2001, 2002L, 3004, or 3010. Requirement Designation: Flexible Core - Scientific World.
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