MGT 3121H - Honors - Service Operations Management

This is an introductory course intended to provide the student with a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge about managing service operations in businesses such as financial services, retail hospitality, healthcare, transportation, and small business. This course is organized around principles including the strategic role of operations for competitiveness and sustainability, and the design of processes, service offerings, and supply chains. Students will learn the use of tools and techniques for planning, control, and continuous improvement of service delivery processes. Enrollment Requirements: Open to Honors Student Groups.PRE: ZICK or ZKTP or PRE: ECO 1001, ECO 1002, STA 2000, CALCULUS, CIS 2200 and PRE/COR: ACC 2101, LAW 1101, ENG 2100, ENG 2150, COM 1010 (PRE/COR: 60 credits, 2.3 GPA in the 8 pre-business courses and 2.3 overall GPA).
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