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PSYC 2110
General Intro. Psychology
PSYC 2193
WI: Research Design
PSYC 3123
Behavior Analysis
PSYC 3193
Research Analysis & Statistics
PSYC 3450
Social Psychology
PSYC 3460
Psychology of Gender
PSYC 3470
WI: Culture & Psychology
PSYC 3510
PSYC 3530
Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 3660
Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 3760
Industrial Psychology
PSYC 3780
Developmental Psychology
PSYC 4153
Prin of Psych Assess
PSYC 4160
Hist and Syst in Psych
PSYC 4330
Sensation and Perception
PSYC 4340
Health Psychology
PSYC 4860
Political Psychology
PSYC 4902
Indep Study in Psych
PSYC 4924
Practicum in Psychology
PSYC 4952
Seminar: Positive Psychology
PSYC 6150
Theories Of Psychotherapy
PSYC 6160
History & Sys. of Psychology
PSYC 6190
Research Methods
PSYC 6243
Principles of Psychotherapy
PSYC 6250
Group Psychotherapy
PSYC 6263
Psychometrics for Psyc. Assess
PSYC 6273
Indiv Intelligence Appraisal
PSYC 6283
Advanced Objective Testing
PSYC 6290
Research Statistics
PSYC 6450
Advanced Social Psychology
PSYC 6530
Adv. Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 6780
Adv. Developmental Psych
PSYC 6902
Indep Study Project
PSYC 6924
Practicum in Psychology
PSYC 6982
MS in Psych Comprehensive Exam
PSYC 6992
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