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PHED 1007
Intro. to Martial Arts
PHED 1013
Varsity Basketball Men
PHED 1023
Varsity Tennis Men
PHED 1033
Varsity Soccer Men
PHED 1043
Varsity Baseball
PHED 1053
Varsity Softball
PHED 1063
Varsity Cross Country Men
PHED 1073
Varsity Sport Volleyball
PHED 1113
Beg. and Int. Swimming
PHED 1203
Outdoor Recreation
PHED 1305
Intro. to Disc Sports
PHED 1323
Soccer and Softball
PHED 1400
PHED 1402
PHED 1409
Yoga's Pilates
PHED 1543
Badminton and Pickle-Ball
PHED 1563
Archery and Casting
PHED 1593
PHED 1643
Beg. and Int. Tennis
PHED 1723
Prin. Ex. and Cond.
PHED 1803
Fundamentals of Dance
PHED 1823
Exercise & Weight Control
PHED 2003
Intro. to Th. and Tech.
PHED 2010
Fnds of Health & PE
PHED 2020
Soc. Media & Tech. in Sport
PHED 2030
Sports Tourism
PHED 2063
Coach & Off F'ball & Soccer
PHED 2073
Coach & Off Vol & Basketball
PHED 2093
Coach & Off Baseball & S'ball
PHED 2130
HE and PE in the Elem. Sch.
PHED 2203
PHED 2250
Basic Sports Nutrition
PHED 3043
Th./Tech. Bas., Bad., Vol.,Ten
PHED 3053
Th./Tech. Gym., Dan., Aero.,WT
PHED 4003
Physiology of Exercise
PHED 4004
Physiology of Exercise Lab
PHED 4010
Exercise Pathophysiology
PHED 4030
Meth. of Tchg. Phy. Ed.
PHED 4043
PHED 4044
Biomechanics in Human Mvmt
PHED 4050
Motor Development
PHED 4153
Exercise Prescription
PHED 4160
Adapted Physical Education
PHED 4183
Measurement and Evaluation
PHED 4193
Meas. & Eval Ex. Science
PHED 4210
Nutritional Assessment
PHED 4220
Lifecycle and Comm Nutrition
PHED 4230
Prin of Strength & Cond
PHED 4240
Met. and Func. of Nutrients I
PHED 4250
Nutrition for the Phy. Active
PHED 4280
Met. and Func of Nutrients II
PHED 4330
Sport Marketing
PHED 4340
Risk Manage. and Legal Issues
PHED 4350
Sport Facility Plan & Const.
PHED 4360
Sport Finance
PHED 4363
Emergency Med. Care
PHED 4370
Sport Sales and Promotion
PHED 4380
Leadership in Sport Organizations
PHED 4383
Fund. Athletic Training
PHED 4390
Governance in Sport
PHED 4800
Psychology of Coaching
PHED 4914
Prac. in Phy.Ed /Exer.Sci.
PHED 4922
Internship Exercise Science
PHED 4924
Professional Internship
PHED 4934
Internship in Sport Management
PHED 4944
Professional Leadership
PHED 4950
Adv Topics in Sports Nutrition
PHED 4972
Problems And Issues
PHED 4982
Bachelor's Comp. Exam
PHED 6003
Advanced Exercise Physiology
PHED 6013
Adv. Exer. Pathophysiology
PHED 6020
Elem. Methods in Phy. Ed.
PHED 6030
Adv. Meth. of Tchg. Phy. Ed.
PHED 6043
Advanced Kinesiology
PHED 6044
Adv.Biomech. of Human Movement
PHED 6050
Advanced Motor Development
PHED 6160
Adv. Adapted Phy. Ed.
PHED 6183
Adv. Meas. and Eval.
PHED 6230
Adv Prin of Strength & Cond
PHED 6243
Advanced Exercise Prescription
PHED 6250
Nutritional Basis of Exercise
PHED 6280
Psychology Of Coaching
PHED 6330
Sport Marketing
PHED 6340
Risk & Legal Iss in Spt & PE
PHED 6350
Spt Facility Plan & Construct
PHED 6360
Advanced Sport Finance
PHED 6370
Adv Sport Sales & Promo
PHED 6380
Leadership in Sport Org.
PHED 6610
Res. Methods Kinesiology
PHED 6800
Psychology of Coaching
PHED 6914
Prac. in Phy.Ed/Exer.Sci.
PHED 6924
Adv Intern Phy Ed
PHED 6944
Professional Leadership
PHED 6954
Intern Sport Mngt (Non-cert)
PHED 6964
Intern Sport Mngt (Cert)
PHED 6972
Problems And Issues
PHED 7914
Adv Prac-PE, ExSci, Sprt Mngt
PHED 7915
Adv. Prac. in Phys.Ed-Ex.Sci
PHED 7982
Master's Comprehensive Exam
PHED 7985
Non-Thesis Project
PHED 7992
Master's Thesis
PHED 8982
Ed. Spec. Comp.
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