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NURS 3111
Fund Prof Nursing
NURS 3120
Nursing Pathophysiology
NURS 3131
Assess Prof Nursing
NURS 3150
Evidence Based Practice
NURS 3210
Clinical Pharm
NURS 3221
Nursing Care of the Adult I
NURS 3240
Patient-Centered Care I
NURS 3241
Patient-Centered Care Clinical
NURS 3900
Clinical Calculations
NURS 4000
Special Topics in Nursing
NURS 4001
Sel Asp Patient Center Care Cl
NURS 4110
Trans to Prof Nurse Role
NURS 4140
Population Based Healthcare
NURS 4160
Health Policy and Ethics for the Professional Nurse
NURS 4220
Informatics and EBP
NURS 4241
Nursing Care Childbearing Fam
NURS 4251
Nursing Care of the Pediatric Patient and Support Network
NURS 4260
Patho Assess Nurse
NURS 4261
Comm Public Health Nursing
NURS 4271
Rural Health Spec. Populations
NURS 4310
Health Systems Leadership
NURS 4311
Leadership Immersion
NURS 4331
Mental Health
NURS 4340
Pt-Cen Care Child Bearing Fam
NURS 4341
Pt-Cen Care Child Br Fam-Clinc
NURS 4350
Patient-Center Care Child
NURS 4351
Patient-Centered Carechild Lab
NURS 4360
Population-Based Care
NURS 4361
Population Based Care Clinical
NURS 4371
Nursing Care of the Adult II
NURS 4400
Lead for Prof Nurs Practice
NURS 4420
Patient-Centered Care II
NURS 4421
Clin Immersion Trans Practice
NURS 4430
Nursing Leadership and Mngt
NURS 4431
Transition to Practice
NURS 4440
Critical Care
NURS 4550
Emerg.Nursing: A Holistic Appr
NURS 6120
Advanc Qual Safe Prevention
NURS 6250
Ethics Legal Issues Health Pol
NURS 6340
Theory for Adv Nurs Practice
NURS 6630
Pharmacotherapeutics Adv Prac
NURS 7256
Policy And Ethics
NURS 7510
Inter Educ Roles Competencies
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